Facts about templatefountain you need to know

March 15, 2022

Template fountain is an online community that provides templates (editable materials) on works of different fields such as letters, CV, Graphics, etc. Are provided in Microsoft, Coral graphics, Photoshop, Canva, Pixallab etc.

We also provide digital Art works and Backgrounds which does not necessarily requires editing but either be applied to your design works or serve as decoration in your place of work or at home.

template is aimed at providing you with efficiency and ease in carrying out your workflow.

All templates which are available in this site are created with specific software, and can only be edited with that specific software. This is done for the purpose of simplicity based on software you have basic idea about.

You do not need a deep knowledge on any of the software in order to edit any of the work; all you need is basic knowledge on any of the software.

We have made list of free videos on whatever you will want to know about how to use the templates, purchase the templates and work in templatefountain.


  1. To become one of the most reliable website.
  2. To contain a vast majority of templates to satisfy the need of almost everyone.


  1. To be able to satisfy the needs of our customers.
  2. To develop easier ways to facilitate use by the customers.
  3. To generate varieties of templates for different purposes.


  1. Customer experience
  2. Simplicity/ Ease to use
  3. Low prices

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