Directions to Locations on the Site

March 18, 2022

Ways to find products

On Accessing the site, there is a bot present on the site which will provide you with countless number of services within the website and these services ranges from seeing you through the website, locating product of your choice, signing up process, and answering few question about the site.

Manually, within the website there are 4 Icons of Coral draw, Photoshop, Excel, and Microsoft words. By clicking any of these icons, it will link you to all available products made by that software.

You can also use the search icon at the top right corner of the site, this icon enable you to search for any product you want by typing in the search word of your choice.

At the top left corner of the site, there is a menu bar which display all the available categories present within the site, you can pick from any of the categories present.

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