History of Template fountain

March 18, 2022

The History of Template fountain started in the year 2021 by a Nigerian student from River State University, CEO, Founder Prince Leyira Waate and Co-Founded and Manage by Emmanuel Ikechuwku Godson. Followed by another from University of Port Harcourt, Co-founder and Director in graphic design Stanley Uzoma.

The company is created with the aim of providing people with the fundamentals in creating content and improving lifestyle and business without spending so much money on achieving what they want.

In this light, profit is made.

The fundamental in creating content yield the idea of generating templates and this in return has provided professionals a source of passive income creation, thereby leaving both the consumers and creators satisfy.

The template provided are made with different but specific software depending on what the consumer has basic knowledge about.

They are made so simple for perfect and efficient editing. Videos are also provided to help you in any way on how to edit the products.

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