How to Edit Coral graphic templates

March 24, 2022

Upon downloading, the Coral graphic template needs just three (3) method of editing.

These methods make it easy to change the color of the object, extract images and replace them, change the shape of objects and alter the text or characters.

  1. Ungroup: After opening a coral draw template, highlight the file and click on ungroup. This will give you access to pull apart or edit most of the content. With the ungroup button, you have access to change colors, mostly text and shape.

Ungroup all: This gives you access to every object of the file, but it is not the best option to edit with because this may affect the text negatively. When that happen you can correct it by clicking undo (crtl + z). If ungroup is not providing you with all you want, you can use the ungroup all option.

Power clip: this option is used to edit or extract images or any other object from a frame. They work differently from the ungroup and ungroup-all button. An image can be extracted from a triangle, Rectangle or circle object with moving or shifting the object.

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