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June 1, 2022

Digital Downloadable: Other names are E-goods, digital goods or digital product.

These are all product that is present in digital form and are therefore intangible (totally Soft copy) but may be converted into hard copy after being acquired.

Template fountain have decided to open avenue to sell all these digital downloadable due to the fact that most downloadable provide guides, help and pattern to aid different works of life.

For such reasons our products ranges from Letters and CV template, graphic templates, Architectural designs, E- books, quotation, learning resources, media, travel guide, species directory.

There are tons of useful products that falls under these digital products, they include:

  • E-books
  • Video tutorials/Webinars
  • Photos
  • Graphics; Logos, Flyers/handbills, banner, bill board, etc.
  • Digital Arts
  • Blog post
  • Architectural designs

The acquisition of E-books online by paying for it is referred to as purchasing digital products.

How important are Digital Products

  • No thought for cost of transportation: When it comes to digital products, no matter the distance, as long as there is access to the internet, customers will immediately receive the products upon purchase without the worries of having to pay transportation fee. The cost of delivery is no longer a thought to bother you with.
  • There is no reason for storage issues: you no longer have to worry about where to store inventories and as for customers, they no longer need to worry about where to keep their newly purchased product until it is printed out. as they can easily travel around with these products on their mobile devices. Example of things like this is E-book, Art collection.
  • Limits stress of work: As an office worker, a student, or a member of a society that uses computer, digital product are design to either guild and promote efficiency of work.
  • It never run out of stock: Digital products can never run out, as there are never ending amount of copies of digital products present. Unlike physical products, the number of goods/products can not reduce.
  • Ease with Direct communication: With the help of digital products like E-book, webinars, emails, etc. product creators can easily communicate freely to their customers, and through emails, customers can also reach out easily to product creators.

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