June 27, 2022

Printable are digital designs or text on a graphical level which are easily downloaded, transferred and printed out for various use at home or for professional purposes.

This may in most cases require you to pay for the access of the files online before acquiring them through downloading.

Most persons tour through the internet looking for beautiful printable works like yours to have in their home, and finds it difficult to afford an original painting or paintings with limited edition.

while most persons are looking for recreational activities to do by themselves or with family, or maybe they want to keep their children busy quietly while they work peacefully but they can’t seem to find quick and affordable coloring page.

With the help of digital printable made and sold on template fountain, those people will be able to access those printable at a more affordable price. After purchasing any of the printable, the buyer will receive an electronic copy of the file which they can print from home or at their local printing shop.

There are list of printable products you can sell on template fountain.

  • Coloring pages
  • Wedding planner
  • Flash cards
  • Art and Decor
  • Monthly calendar
  • Fitness and health tracker

Why Selling Printable on Template fountain is profitable

  1. As avenue for passive income: from the previous posts, we have come to understand that digital products are among the best source of passive income. As a vendor on template fountain, all transaction and sending of products to customers are done by template fountain. All you have to do is upload your works and let us handle the rest. Oh! And don’t forget to request for withdraw when you want.
  2. Advertising made easy: We have generated store growth for those who are interested, all you have to do is drop your budget and we push your store and products. No complications, no stress, all the campaign will be done for you. We know how advertisement is very important to store growth and so we have decided to make it very affordable with results.
  3. Availability of customers: Template fountain is a marketplace with a growing number of customers who are willing to purchase products and are willing to see what you bring to the table. The sign up process is free; you can also start selling for free. Template fountain is known to be a place where digital products are being sold.

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