Amazing facts you need to know about Coloring Page/Book

June 29, 2022

Coloring page/book are printable images which are made to be colored by using crayons, marker pen, colored pencils or paint.

They serve multipurpose functions, since they are used for fun, relaxation and for educative purposes.

Coloring book is used more in schools by young children for many reasons;

They are best used as a learning method due to the fact that pictures may also be more memorable than simple words alone.

Nowadays, Cartoon characters are mostly used for children coloring page/books, as they are able to identify with most of the characters.

The coloring pages/books sold on template fountain are very easy to acquire and use; you purchase, download, print and use, all within minutes, no stress.

The coloring page are mostly made for a simple A4  paper size, but can be resize and printed on any paper size since the images are purely PNG format.

Benefits of coloring pages

  1. A Way to Relax your Brain and Improves Brain Function: While coloring images, you tend to quiet your mind and focus on the simple activity in front of you. By focusing on coloring those images, you quietly improve your brain function.
  • While trying to choose what colors to use, your creativity is activated, as you gradually color forms and shapes, your logic is also activated.
  • Improves Hand-eye Coordination: Designs with spaces for coloring require you to improve your hand eye coordination. These are skills you don’t get just by scrolling on your devices or running round the room.

At first it could be a little difficult for children to stay within the line, but as they progress with time their ability to stay within the line improves.

  • Relieves Stress: Coloring pages helps to relief stress; while you are coloring on a coloring page you happen to focus more on the details and pay less attention to other things that may have caused stress in the first place.

By coloring a page, you tend to put yourself at peace and relive the feeling of a stress free childhood.

Health professionals believe that the following activities not only improve brain function, but can even help delay the onset of dementia:



Crossword puzzles

  • It Improves Concentration: By focusing on coloring a page over a lengthy period of time improves your ability to concentrate, such level of concentration is very useful for both children and adult.

It strengthens your concentration which is needed for your other day to day activities.

  • Color Awareness: When you constantly color images it provides both children and adult the ability to recognize colors. And also the opportunity to discover colors that is not truly known.
  • Developing Sense of Achievement and Pride: Every parent needs to provide their children with every opportunity to develop their self-confidence, this also involves adult.

If you can accomplish something pleasing to the eyes, as simple as completing a coloring page, it will help boost your self confidence and personality of both the adult involved and the child. They gain a sense of pride and achievement when they accomplish a single task of a coloring page.

  • It Improves Handwriting skills: Coloring pages can help little children improve on their hand writing by developing their hand strength, dexterity and attention to details as they continue to color.
  • Promote Creativity: through the process of picking a coloring image, coloring the image and completing a coloring page, you automatically stimulate creative thinking, you become more creative while you plan or decide what color to use, and in what order you will use to color things within the picture.

As your confidence grow, you become more likely to take bold steps and color more complex pattern or pictures or images.

It also develop your drawing skills as it helps children with correct finger grip, understanding shapes, increasing knowledge of colors, styles and pattern of images.

  • It Improves Sleep: just as it reduces stress and anxiety, by so doing help you sleep better, which is far better than looking at the screen of your device before bed.

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